The BEAST info page:

6400 front Inside a 6400 6400 rear

WARNING: has modified its web servers to hide any pages linked from outside - therefore even though I have the exact links here . . . It will not display the page unless you feed garbage into there search engine and IT takes you to the URL I have allready given . . . AS FAR AS CUSTOMER SUPPORT - THEY SUCK NOW WORSE THAN EVER ! ! !

Lets Start with a Gateway 6400 Server Chassis & MBD as a start... Then go nuts.

Here is a shot of the MBD pulled from one of GTW's tech pages, I will get a cleaner view, but for now this will have to do.

6400 MBD
Got to have Radical speakers to check the quality of my DivX Rips.

Hi-speed internet via Cable modem. System is on a 100TX LAN (with baby beast, another 6400...) and hiding behind a hardware firewall.

System is dual boot, XP Pro & W2K.

May try the next Redhat or Mandrake Distribution. Also may do a FreeBSD install since they claim to support this hardware.

Note: I also have a Gateway Solo 5150. . . But that would require a page all its own.